Use case 2: HTTP-only, using a custom/vanity DNS name

This use case refers to using “vanity” hostnames such as “static.{subcustomer}.com” where the subcustomer owns the DNS names used to serve content to End-Clients.

Value Example
Partner Domain
End-Client-facing Domain CNAME
{sub-customer-vanity-domain}. {TTL} IN CNAME
Example End-Client-facing Domains
Complete End-Client CNAME Chain - Example 1: subcustomer hostname direct to Akamai. {TTL} IN CNAME 21600 IN CNAME 20 IN A
Complete End-Client CNAME Chain — Example 2: Sub-Customer hostname direct to Cloud Partner intermediate hostname to Akamai. {TTL-1} IN CNAME {TTL-2} IN CNAME 21600 IN CNAME 20 IN A

This use case is based on our Multi-Domain Configuration (MDC) solution via an "Instant Config Hostname." The subcustomer who owns the DNS zone will do either of the following:

  • CNAME the End-Client-facing hostname directly to the Cloud Partner’s MDC hostname (as in Example 1).
  • CNAME to your Cloud Partner-operated intermediate hostname, that in turn is CNAMEd to the Akamai MDC hostname (as in Example 2).

In both cases, the time to live (TTL) for the vanity hostname CNAME record is determined by the subcustomer In the second example, {TTL-1} is also determined by the subcustomer, but as the cloud partner, you determine {TTL-2}.

The intermediate hostname is optional. However, to ensure that you (as the Cloud Partner) maintain control of when and how a CDN is implemented, this is strongly encouraged. A common CNAME can be used for all subcustomer. An example might be something like the following, where a more generic cdn record replaces the more specific static.{subcustomer}.com” record in your Cloud Partner DNS configuration: {TTL-1} IN CNAME {TTL-2} IN CNAME cloudplatform-net.mdc.akamaized-net. 21600 IN CNAME 20 IN A

You can determine the origin domain when the origin you are hosting it, or by the subcustomer when hosted elsewhere. It should be configured for each End-Client-facing hostname; multiple origins are supported based on specific match criteria.