The Static Content rule

This rule adjusts the cacheability settings based on the file extension of requested content.


You should carefully review the list of file extensions in the match criteria to make sure they represent cacheable content for subcustomers' sites. Add or remove new extensions as necessary. Only the extensions set here will have the Behaviors in this rule applied in regards to caching.

The Caching behavior

If appropriate, you should also adjust the settings in this rule's Caching behavior. (Settings are identical to the Caching behavior set in the Default Rule.)

Important: The settings in this rule override whatever you may have set for the Caching behavior in the Default Rule.

The Remove Vary Header behavior

By default, an Edge server fielding a request from a subcustomer site will not cache an object with an HTTP Vary header in the response, unless that response is a compressed object, and the response headers include both Vary: Accept-Encoding and Content-Encoding: gzip headers. If this is always the case with subcustomers, set this switch to Off.

However, some applications add the HTTP Vary header even when the content does not vary. In that case, set this switch to On to have the Edge server remove the header so that the content may be cached.