Use Standard TLS

If you want to use a Standard TLS secure certificate you need to ensure that create a Property Hostname to Edge Hostname association using all applicable vanity domains, and select the appropriate certificate.

You need to have your Standard TLS certificate ahead of time

You need to create a Domain Validation (DV) certificate in the Certificate Provisioning System (CPS) before creating your base configuration. The certificate must complete provisioning before you can continue.

Let's set up Standard TLS

With your DV certificate created and provisioned, perform the following steps to enable Standard TLS.

  1. Ensure that Standard TLS ready is selected in Security Options.

  2. In the Property Hostnames content panel, click the Add button (or click the down arrow and select Add Hostname(s)).
  3. Input your vanity domain in the Add Hostname(s) field.
    Note: Only alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and hyphen ("-") characters are supported, with a length 4-60 characters. This value cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
  4. Repeat Step 3 to add more hostnames, if applicable. Otherwise, click the Next button to continue.
  5. Select the appropriate IP Version, based on what your application or site can support, and then click Next to continue.
    • IPv4 only: Support for IP addresses using version 4, only.
    • IPv4 + IPv6 (dual stack): Support for both address formats.
      Note: If you select IPv4 + IPv6 (dual stack) as your IP version, your site or application must support IPv6 in HTTP request headers and delivered log lines.
  6. Verify settings for the association. The vanity domain you've set as your Property Hostname is automatically added as the prefix for the Edge hostname, and revealed here. (For example: <Property Hostname> Verify that this is the appropriate Property hostname to Edge hostname association and click Submit.
  7. Review information in the Success window and apply its instructions as required.
  8. We strongly recommend that you add the Auto Domain Validation behavior to your property (in the Default Rule). It handles the automatic renewal of the DV certificate to avoid expiration.

What's next?

From here, you continue setting up the base configuration (apply rules and behaviors), and then save it.

Ultimately, when you're ready to move forward and go live with the configuration, you need to update the existing DNS record for your site or application to be a CNAME record that points to this Edge hostname.