I selected "NetStorage" as my Origin Type

This is the case if you're using NetStorage as your origin to house Subcustomer website or application content.

The following additional options and recommended settings are available when you select NetStorage as your Origin Type:

NetStorage Account

Click this field to select the appropriate NetStorage download domain. This is the name of the domain set up for use with this application on your NetStorage account. Once you assign the download domain, Property Manager automatically assigns the root directory (for example, /R3131), so that content is retrieved from the appropriate location.

You need to set a supported Caching Option

With NetStorage set as your origin, you cannot have your Caching behavior set to either "No Store" or "Bypass Cache." Set the Caching Option to the appropriate setting for your instance.

Additional recommendations

Once you set NetStorage as your origin, we have a couple of suggestions:

  • Add Cache HTTP Error Responses as an optional behavior. To do so, click the Add Behavior button, select Cache HTTP Error Responses, and click Insert Behavior. In the newly added behavior, set Max-age to 30.
  • The Cache Key Query Parameters behavior should be set to "Exclude all parameters." NetStorage doesn't honor query strings, so you should set this to avoid duplicate cache keys for the same object. Click the Add Behavior button, select Cache Key Query Parameters, and click Insert Behavior. Set the drop-down to Exclude all parameters.