The Origin Server behavior

This required behavior offers options you use to control how the Edge network contacts an origin server to retrieve website or application content.

Origin Server precedence and ACE

Edge servers read first from the applicable subcustomer's policy for origin server information, and second from the Origin Server behavior settings in your base configuration. The origin server (and associated information) set in a base configuration is only utilized if an origin server is not defined in the subcustomer's policy.

Origin Server use cases with ACE

Setting up an origin server for ACE is different than setting one up for a traditional Akamaidelivery product. A traditional product serves from a single origin to deliver your content. With ACE, you'll have multiple (potentially 1,000s) of subcustomers using this configuration, so your origin server needs are different, and this has a bearing on how you set Origin Server options. Consider the following use cases:

  • Typical use case - subcustomers have their own origin servers: If this is the case, you would set Origin Settings in the base configuration to serve as a "backup," and you would provide specific origin server information in each subcustomer's policy.
  • subcustomers are using your origin server: If you maintain your own origin server for all of your subcustomers, or are using NetStorage as the origin server, you would provide origin server information in your base configuration, and you'd set the Origin slider in the Subcustomer Enablement behavior to "Off." This way, subcustomer origin server data can't be set in a policy, and the origin you've set in the base configuration will be used, instead.
  • A mix of both: Here, you'd perform what's discussed in "Typical use case - subcustomers have their own origin servers." However, for the subcustomers you want to use your origin server, you'd need to ensure that origin server information is left out of the subcustomer policy.
Note: Regardless of your desired use case, Origin Server behavior settings are required in the Default Rule in a base configuration.

Available settings in this behavior vary based on the selected Origin Type.