You need to register subcustomers

You must generate and register an ID for each subcustomer you wish to add to your base configuration. A subcustomer ID is a mandatory element in various ACE API calls.

Before you begin: You need subcustomer IDs

When registering a subcustomer, you need to provide a unique ID—a "subcustomer ID". As the cloud partner, it's up to you to determine a method to create these IDs and associate them with your subcustomers.

Each subcustomer in your billing system who uses your Akamai Cloud Embed implementation needs an ID. All traffic for a particular subcustomer is rolled up by this ID for billing.

subcustomer IDs have the following requirements and limitations:

  • Each subcustomer must have a unique ID.
  • The ID cannot be more than 50 characters.
  • The ID can only consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), dashes (" - ") or periods (" . ")

You should define subcustomer scope carefully, because it helps a great deal with billing and reporting.

How do I register a subcustomer ID?

This is accomplished by running the "Add a new subcustomer" operation via the ACE API. You'll need the following values to run this operation:

  • propertyId: This is a unique ID value that is generated and associated with a base configuration. Contact your Account Representative for this value.
  • sub-customerId: The ID you created for the subcustomer you wish to register with the named base configuration (propertyId).

See the ACE API docs

Call formatting and other specifics are covered in the ACE API documentation: