You need a new property

If you're setting up a new ACE base configuration, you first need to set up a new "Property" via Akamai Control Center.

  1. Select the appropriate Control Center Account. Use the top-right pull-down in the header to select the account.
  2. Open the application. Go to > CDN > Properties. Click New Property.
  3. Select the Wholesale Delivery radio button from the Product list.
    Note: "Wholesale Delivery" is the legacy name of this product. A future release of this toolset will update this value to "Akamai Cloud Embed."
  4. If more than one Contract is shown, choose the one that has Cloud Embed on it. You are not sure, contact your Account Representative.
  5. In the Property Name field, enter a desired name for the ACE base configuration. This serves two purposes:
    • The filename for the configuration, and
    • How it will be displayed for access throughout the Property Manager UIs in Control Center.
  6. Click the Create Property button.

The Property Manager Editor window launches showing the default settings for the new property. Use the settings here to define your ACE configuration.