Get started with Cloud Wrapper

Cloud Wrapper (CW) maximizes origin offload by providing access to supplementary resources for your hosts.

Before you begin

You can implement Cloud Wrapper to accomplish:
  • Minimize costs: Reduce requests to origin to lower egress fees.
  • Meet global demands: Reduce egress spikes by distributing Cloud Wrapper caches in specific regions.
  • Increase origin stability: Provide high offload levels to protect your origin from increased traffic.
  • Provide a consistent experience: Leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Edge provides end-users with a consistent user experience.

You must provision Cloud Wrapper

  • Your contract must include Cloud Wrapper. Work with your account representative to get this service, for the applicable product.
  • You need to use a supported product. Use Cloud Wrapper with the following products:
    • Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD)
    • Download Delivery (DD)
    • Object Delivery (OD)
Important: Cloud Wrapper replaces existing Tiered-distribution configurations. Contact your account representative if your property already has an existing TD0.