Configure the Cloud Marketing Cloudlets behaviors

In Property Manager, behaviors apply certain features to your configuration. Behaviors help shape how requests passing through the Akamai network are handled and processed.

How to

  1. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected Control Center account. Go to > CDN > Properties (or just enter Properties in the search box).
    The Property Groups page opens.
  2. Select the property and version you want to add your Cloudlet to.
  3. Click Add Behavior, then select either Cloud Marketing or Cloud Marketing Plus from the list of available behaviors.
  4. 5. In the Cloud Marketing or Cloud Marketing Plus behavior, complete these fields:
    Table 8: Cloud Marketing and Cloud Marketing Plus Behavior Fields
    Field Action
    Enable Set to On to enable Cloud Marketing and Cloud Marketing Plus.
    JavaScript Insertion Rule Select the conditions under which the edge server inserts the MediaMath JavaScript reference script. To insert the script at origin, select Never insert. To insert the script with every request, select Always insert. To use a specific Cloudlets policy to determine when to insert the script, select Let the policy determine.
    Policy Name If the JavaScript insertion option is Let the policy determine, select the name of an existing policy in the Cloudlets Policy Manager to use for this Cloudlet instance.
    Request Prefix Enter the URL path prefix that will distinguish MediaMath Cloud Marketing requests from your regular traffic. Include the leading slash, but do not include a trailing slash. For example, if your URL path prefix is /dcpp, and the request is for, the new URL will be
  5. Save your changes.