Download the Policy Analysis report

Once the results display on the Policy Analysis tab, you can download the report in CSV format.

Click Download Report to generate the CSV file.

Report fields

The policy analysis report is a CSV file with one line for every rule in the policy. Each line contains the following fields:

Field Name Description
ruleNumber The number of the rule tested.
akaRuleId The unique identifier of the rule being tested.
curlCommand The curl-based command used for the test.
redirectUrl The URL used to test the given rule.
httpStatusCode The HTTP status code returned.

The number of the rule that executed as part of the test. This value is different from ruleNumber because of how policies are optimized.

The value is 0 if the cost limit was exceeded, or if no rule matched.


The ID of the rule executed. This value should match that in the akaRuleId field.

If the values do not match, then the redirectUrl was incorrect.

ruleCost The system cost of executing the rule.
costExceeded If the cost limit was exceeded, this field is set to true.

The errors encountered during the test.

If there are no errors, this field is empty.