View activation details

In Cloudlets Policy Manager, use the Policy Details screen to view detailed activation information.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Edge logic Cloudlets.
  2. Click the name of the policy you want to view activation information for.
  3. Click the Policy Activation History tab.
  4. In the Details column for the version you wish to view, click the information icon.
    The Activation Details screen displays. Here are the fields on this screen:
    Activation Details fields
    Field Description
    Policy Activated The date of activation.
    Activated On The network the policy was activated on.
    Activated By The username of the person who activated the policy
    Cloudlet Type The type of Cloudlet activated.
    Version Deactivated If applicable, the number of the policy version deactivated when the policy version at the top of the page was activated.
    Activation Details The status of the activation.
    Associated Properties The properties linked to this Cloudlets policy.
  5. Click Close once you are done viewing the activation information.