Use the Policy Analysis Tool

The Policy Analysis Tool evaluates the rules within a policy. It looks for high processing cost and unpredictable results.

This tool is currently available for the Edge Redirector Cloudlet.

By default, the tool uses the property hostname associated with the Cloudlets policy. You can also analyze rules against a different hostname and an Akamai server IP address.

Once complete, you can:

  • View the results on the screen.
  • Show or hide specific rules.
  • View only errors.
  • Download the report in CSV format.
  • Enter different settings and click Rerun Analysis to generate a new report.


Before using the Policy Analysis Tool, make sure these things are activated on the staging network:

  • an Edge Redirector policy.
  • a property that refers to the policy version to be tested. The property needs to have an Edge Redirector behavior.

If a policy meets these requirements, the Policy Analysis tab displays next to the Rule List tab.

Note: Policy Analysis Tool is not yet available for Shared Policy.