Available Cloudlets

The following are the Cloudlets that are currently available:

Cloudlet Name Description
API Prioritization For applications that call resources like JSON or XML, lets you to specify which calls have priority and are sent to the origin during high-demand situations.
Application Load Balancer Offers intelligent, scalable traffic management across physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted origins without having to send load feedback. It can automatically detect load conditions and route traffic to the optimal data source while maintaining custom routing policies and consistent visitor session behavior.
Audience Segmentation Provides hassle-free traffic segmentation and stickiness without degrading performance, which is often beneficial for A/B and multivariate testing. This Cloudlet creates stable test populations at the Akamai edge by assigning a cookie value to the user.
Cloud Marketing If you are a MediaMath customer or partner, Cloud Marketing can assist you with tag placement. This Cloudlet uses your existing portal configuration to set up tags that communicate with MediaMath without requiring a third-party call on every page.
Cloud Marketing Plus Like Cloud Marketing, if you are a MediaMath customer or partner, Cloud Marketing Plus can assist you with tag placement. Pick this Cloudlet if you want to set up tags that communicate with both MediaMath and its partners without requiring a third-party call on every page.
Edge Redirector Helps IT and marketing users more efficiently manage large numbers of redirects. By executing redirects at the Akamai edge, you can reduce round trips to the origin and offload hits from your origin infrastructure.
Forward Rewrite Helps you create, based on in-bound request information, human-readable and search engine optimization-friendly (SEO-friendly) URLs for dynamically-generated pages.
Image Converter Lets you manipulate an image through application programming interface (API) commands appended to the image’s URL. The image, which is stored on the origin server, is transformed as it is passed through the Akamai network.

Note: You configure Image Converter exclusively through Property Manager.

Input Validation Helps strengthen your web forms against abuse or monopolization from brute force and behavioral attackers. It does this by validating form fields and values in incoming requests. In addition, this Cloudlet provides the ability to limit the number of valid form submissions and invalid attempts per user. Once the limit is reached, additional requests are denied (403) or redirected (302) to a custom “penalty box.”
Phased Release Helps facilitate the rollout of code changes to production. With this Cloudlet you can move a percentage of visitors to the new experience or deployment while also retaining the flexibility to roll back immediately should you encounter challenges.
Request Control Lets you to provide conditional access to your website or application by defining and managing whitelists and blacklists based on the IP and geography associated with incoming requests.
Visitor Prioritization Helps maintain business continuity for your dynamic application in high-demand situations. It acts as a front-end shock absorber when peak traffic increases demand for those transactions that require the origin for processing, like shopping cart check-outs, donation pages, service/application subscriptions, and form registrations.