About Conditional Origins

If you're using a Cloudlet that forwards a request to a different origin, you'll likely need to set up Conditional Origins.

An origin is a source of traffic sent from your network to the Akamai portal. An origin may be a hostname, a data center, or a piece of networking equipment, like a server or a load balancer.

Conditional Origins let you forward a Cloudlets request to a different origin.

In Property Manager, you use these rule templates to set up Conditional Origins:

Property Manager rule template Description
Conditional Origin Group Enables the Conditional Origin feature and provides a container for all the Conditional Origins you want to configure for the property.

It must be the last child rule of the property’s default rule.

Conditional Origin Definition Contains the configuration information for a specific Conditional Origin. By default, it includes an Origin Server behavior and a Content Provider behavior. It must be a child rule of the Conditional Origin Group rule.

You can also add other behaviors to this rule. Any behavior you add to this rule only executes if a Cloudlet selects this Conditional Origin.