Available match types

Here are the available Cloudlets match types as well as the Cloudlets supported.

Note: All match types support negation.
Match Type Matches Based on... Wildcard Support Case Sensitivity Support Multiple Value Support
Cookie a combination of cookie name and/or cookie value.
Default any and all incoming requests.
Device characteristics a list of available device characteristics.
Field name/value a combination of field name and value in a web form.
File extension the file extension(s) to match on.
Hostname the hostname(s) to match on.
IP/CIDR either an IPv4 address or CIDR list.
Number of form fields the number of fields you want to validate on a web form.
Protocol the protocol to match on. HTTP or HTTPS protocol are the current options, and you can only select on protocol per match.
Proxy whether the edge platform has determined that the incoming IP address is acting as a proxy.
Query string the query string value(s) to match on. For example, name or name=value1 or name=value1 value2 .
Range a range of values.
Request header a request header value.
Request method the method used for the request, like GET or POST .
URL path the URL path(s) to match on. For example: /clothing/children/shoes/shoe1.jpg .
URL regular expression a regular expression. See Regular expressions for Cloudlets rules for more information.
User location data a combination of the following geographic groupings: continent, country, and region/state.