Optional: Set up a purge rule

Does your property use the Incoming Host Header? If you use this header with Conditional Origins and you're not rewriting any part of the forward path, cache pollution may occur.

To avoid possible cache pollution, set up a Property Manager rule that includes the origin hostname in the cache key. When creating this rule, keep the following in mind:

  • You'll want a separate cache key for each Conditional Origin you're using on that particular property.
  • If you set up cache keys for each Conditional Origin, also configure a separate purge rule. This rule should allow Akamai’s content control mechanisms (CCU/ECCU) to purge the cache key for each of these origins.
  • If you specify a unique CP code for each Conditional Origin, purge all cached content by CP code instead.
  • When setting up a purge rule for Conditional Origins, make sure you add it to the property’s default rule.