Terminate, Reboot, and Replace Server Instances

You can terminate (shut down), reboot, and replace server instances by one of two methods.

You can select Central list > Server Instances and then select the instance from the list that you want to perform an action on.

Once the server instance is selected, right-click to access the context menu and perform the desired action.

Alternately, select a server instance in the list and double-click to open its Properties in the sub-pane below. You can use the Properties tab > Shut down instance button to terminate the selected server instance(s).

From the sub-pane, you can also click the Check Server(s) tab, select one or more server instances in the list, and then access the context menu by right-clicking a server instance in the sub-pane list.

When you apply an action to selected server(s), a prompt appears to confirm the action before it is completed.