Viewing or Changing Contained Widget Settings

If the widget is a combined or correlated widget the contained nodes are also shown. For example, the Bytes Sent and Received and Average Response Time are Contained widgets with grouped properties to set that include Chart Type and Show data point markers (off by default).

The Widget Order is shown on the right. For combined widgets, multiple subordinate widgets will be shown. Use the Detach the subordinate widget button (to the right of the widget’s name) to detach it from the combined chart and add it independently to the dashboard. Combined widgets use transparency. The topmost widget in order is closest to the user—while the bottom most gets the background color.

How to

  1. With the Edit Widget Panel in view, select the Contained Widget(s) node to view settings at that level such as the order of widgets.
  2. To change widget order, select a widget and use the up or down arrows to move it.
  3. To remove a widget from a combined or correlated widget and return it to the dashboard as a separate widget, click the Detach contained widget button.
  4. To remove a widget from a combined or correlated widget and delete it from the dashboard use the delete button.
  5. To change which contained widget gets the left- or right-x-axis, use the Axis drop-down list.
  6. Click Apply to save any changes made here.
  7. Click Toggle Dashboard Edit Mode a second time to exit the panel.

What you should see