Adding Pre-Waits in List View

How to

  1. Click the arrow to expand and then in the Expanded view, use the mouse to hover over the clip element.
  2. Click the Pre-Wait Pre-Wait iconicon on the Add toolbar.When you do so, a new pre-wait form is added.
  3. The Command drop-down presents the list of available waits. Subsequent parameters depend upon the wait selection made here. Select a wait from the Command drop-down and enter the information required by the wait form presented.
    • Enter a new locator or click the Property icon to select from among available property values using the ISSE Editor

What you should see

  • For those waits that take a locator, you can also use the Locator icon to enter Touch Locator mode. Note that the Locator icon is only active while in record mode.

In another example, the waitForAppInternalValue shown below takes a Value to Access, Arguments, as well as a pattern match, and the obligatory Timeout Action (shown below with a Post-Wait).

  • Where required, specify a pattern to match.

Many waits compare text by matching the pattern of some text on the page in order to determine if that page is correct. The following pattern match types are offered:

  • Exact Match – matches against the string exactly
  • Glob – matches against a pattern using Java glob notation. A glob is a limited regular expression pattern. In a glob pattern, * represents any sequence of characters, and ? represents any single character. Many personal computer users are familiar with globs through file matching expressions such as "*.jpg.*
  • Regular Expression – matches against a regular expression using Java regular expression notation.
    Note: CloudTest script authors should note that the Regular expressions within a CloudTest script (via the RegExp object or the /pattern/ notation) are JavaScript regular expressions. These JavaScript regular expression versions differ in important ways and the two are not interchangeable, so expressions cannot be copied from a CloudTest script to an include/exclude for pages, to a session template, or to a Wait, Property Set, or Validation, and vice versa.
  • Script – matches against a value specified by a script.
    1. Specify a timeout action (or accept the default Record in Results Only). The Timeout Action drop-down specifies what timeout action to take when the wait condition is not met.
      • If the timeout action is set to Record in Results Only, the wait outcome will be recorded in the result, and the test composition will continue whether the wait passes or fails.
      • If the timeout action is set to Fail the Clip, the test composition will stop if the wait fails.
      • If the timeout action is set to Honor the (Browser or App) Action, the wait inherits the parent setting from the action.