Starting a Grid

How to

  1. Ensure you have created a grid in your CloudTest instance. Visit the Creating a New Grid help article for instructions.
  2. Go to Jenkins > New Item. Name your item.
  3. Select the Freestyle project radio button and then click OK.

  4. Go down to the Build section and select Start Grid in the Add build step drop-down menu.

  5. Select a Grid Name (must match the grid you created in your CloudTest instance).
  6. You can customize how long SCommand waits for your Grid to hit a ready status. If your Grid exceeds the limit you enter (or the default 600 seconds), then your build will fail and your Grid will tear itself down.

  7. Select Stop Grid in the Post-build Actions so if there is any issue with a build step or a failure those resources are tore down.

What you should see