Editor Specific Toolbar Buttons

Editor-specific buttons appear in the main Toolbar when the given editor is open. For example, the Clip Editor. Add drop-down menu provides the ability to easily add generic (or empty) messages, browser actions, delays, checkpoints, comments as well as all collection types to a test clip.

Refer to Create Any Clip Element from Toolbar for more about this menu.

In the Clip Editor, dynamic scrolling and page management controls make browsing large clips easier.

In the Composition Editor, Repeat Composition, Load/Unload Composition, and Play Mode buttons provide immediate control over test composition staging.

Use Repeat Composition to play your test composition in a continuous loop.

Use the Load and Unload Composition toggle to stage complex test compositions prior to clicking Play. Once load begins, it can be stopped by clicking the icon again. This pre-staging of test compositions is particularly useful in Cloud environments such as on Amazon EC2. Load Composition can help identify any problems with the staged components of a given test.

Refer to Staging a Complex Test Composition for Play for more about using play-related Composition Editor toolbar buttons.

Use the Play Modes button to conveniently modify test composition properties to CloudTest recommended settings. Refer to Play Modes and Results Logging.

The Etc. () button has been added to the right of the Toolbar to conserve space and keep less-frequently used operations nearby. This menu contains context-sensitive commands. Among the commands found on the Etc. drop-down menu are Export and Import.