Changing Target and Operation of a Message

You can set or change the target and operation of selected Messages from within the Clip Editor.

To set or change the target and operation of a Message(s)

How to

  1. Select one or more Messages in the test clip.
  2. Right-click to access the context menu.
  3. From the context menu, select Choose Target and Operation.
  4. From the Choose Target and Operation dialog box, double click the target that you want to use in the Available Targets list. Note that if the selected item was a message, then only targets that use messages appear. Similarly, if a Message was selected, then only Message targets will appear in the Available Targets list. In the screenshot on the right, only message-based targets are listed as available. To change the target and action of a browser action, see Changing Target and Action of a Mobile or WebUI Action
  5. Next, double click the operation that you want to assign to a message. The dialog box will then close.