Installing the Browser Recorder Extension from the Resources Page

The Browser Recorder Extension can also be installed from the Central > Resources page. This method is useful when you want to configure a desktop client's Firefox in advance of browser recording.

  1. Go to the Central tab > Resources page (the Resources link is found at the bottom of Central).

How to

  1. Click the Browser Recorder Installer option under Downloads. You will see the following warning in your Firefox Browser. Click Allow.
  2. When you do so, the Browser Recorder extension is downloaded and the Add-Ons dialog box appears. Select the extension to activate the Install button, and then click Install.
  3. After install is complete, an additional Restart Firefox prompt appears. Click Restart Now to complete the installation.

What you should see

After restart, return to the Clip Editor in Firefox. This time when you click Record, two additional Record commands will appear.