Generated Value: Date tab

When Date/Time values are set, the Custom property is initialized to a Date/Time value, or the string representation of a Date/Time value.

Start Time

The Start Time is a required field set either to Now or Composition Start Time.

Note: All times are the times on the Maestro server.

Now – The time at which the property is created (it┬ owning object comes into existence during Composition play). For example, if it is a Clip Custom Property, the time at which the instance of the Clip is created.

Composition Start Time – The time at which Composition play started.

Include Time

The Include Time checkbox is true/false according to whether the time is to be included. If false, the time is set to 12:00 am (00:00).


The Optional offset to add to the Start Time value. Can be positive to go into the future, or negative to go into the past.

Set the integer amount of the offset and set a unit of time to use (defaults to milliseconds):

Round To

This optional value will round the date forward to a particular day of the week.

Note that Next Weekday applies only to Monday-Friday.

The rounding is done after any offset is applied. The rounding is always done forward regardless of whether any offset, if given, is positive or negative. If the Date/Time value is already one of the specified days, it is not changed.


If this optional formatting pattern is given, the Custom Property┬ value will be a string, rather than a Date/Time, and the string will be the Date/Time value formatted as specified by the pattern. The standard Java object SimpleDateFormat is used to do the formatting, and any pattern accepted by that object can be used.

The Generated Value form will validate any entered pattern to ensure that it is valid, so that you don't have to wait until the Composition is played to discover an invalid pattern.