Specifying Locations in an HTTP(S) Test

You can specify a Maestro location for a specific track in one of several ways:

Click the down arrow in the select control underneath the track name in the left portion of the timeline. Then click the radio button for the location that you want to play that track. Please note that if you have only one Maestro server defined in your CloudTest Repository, this drop down will not be visible.

  • Choosing a particular location means that you want to allow any Maestro at that location to control the track.
  • Choosing Any Location means that you do wish to specify a preference as to which Maestro will control the playback of the track.
    • When a track with only an HTTP(S) clip is selected, the Location drop-down contains only Maestro server locations organized by type.

  • When clips with a Mobile target(s) & a Server target(s) are combined into one track, the Location drop-down refelects that both devices and servers are available to be configured.
Note: Server selection and Device selection (for mobile apps) are totally unrelated. While the server setting says where the track is played, the device setting tells the mobile targets which device to play on once the composition has started playing.