Custom Commands for Monitoring

Custom Commands can be used to create Custom Monitors in supported environments (all except Windows—support for which will be provided in the near future). Using this technique provides the ability to monitor runtime metrics (e.g. metrics whose value is not known ahead of time).

Custom Command monitors utilize an inline process call (entered into the provided Monitors box, text entry field) that executes a command inline or can refer to an external Shell Script accessible within the given environment.

Tip: Users should note that the output of the "script" in question must be a real number.

Custom Command monitors require an agent, CloudTest Conductor, be in use as part of command configuration. This configuration is done using the existing Monitor UI, which now includes the Custom Command field, as well as a new Enable Custom Commands for Monitoring box is found in the CloudTest Conductor field, which appears in the Conductor Capabilities section under Allow Monitoring.

Both the Allow monitoring box, and the Enable Custom Commands for Monitoring opt-in box must be checked for subsequent monitor setup to succeed.

Once the opt-in boxes in the relevant CloudTest Conductor are checked, the remaining portion of the Monitor configuration follows the same workflow found in the setup of CloudTest-provided monitors.