Installing CloudTest Conductor on Mac OS X and Linux

For Mac OS X and Linux users, the install media consists only of the Conductor application in a ZIP archive. Unarchiving and clicking the enclosed file will launch the app. Mac OS X and Linux users may wish to copy or move the file to a typical applications location (for example, /Applications on Mac OS X).

The Conductor Setup screen presented for initial configuration is identical to the screen that appears whenever Conductor Preferences are accessed at a later time.

No install wizard is included or necessary.

Configuration requires only that the following fields have valid values:

Conductor Name, CloudTest URL, CloudTest user name, and password. In most cases, all but Password are pre-populated (for security reasons).

The Conductor Setup screen is divided into General, Proxy Configuration, Conductor Capabilities, and Advanced sections.

The CloudTest Conductor Capabilities section (on the right), allows you to enable or disable specific capabilities and express options relating to recording, proxies, packet-level, WebSocket, port and other settings. Unless you have a specific reason to change one of the default settings, In most cases, it is probably best to leave these settings as they are.

For more information about changing Allow options in this box, including for HTTP/HTTPS, Packet-level, WebSocket and WebUI recording, as well as for proxy configuration, see the topic CloudTest Conductor Capabilities.

Whenever the Conductor name is changed, or one of its features is enabled or disabled, the Conductor prompts the user to restart the Conductor. The given change will not take effect until restart occurs.

After restart, the Conductor will appear in relevant lists in CloudTest only if that feature is enabled.

For example, disabling a Conductor’s Allow recording checkbox as shown above will prevent that Conductor from being listed in the Recording Editor’s list of Available Conductors. Only enabled and actively running Conductors are listed in the CloudTest user interface.

For information about Advanced options, see the topic CloudTest Conductor Capabilities.