CloudTest Health Settings

Testing at scale is the best way to understand where a system is going to fail and what is going to fail first. A robust testing environment is needed to generate the load and display results in real time. CloudTest is known for its ability to generate load tests at very large scales. However, even with the resources of the cloud, it is necessary to scale testing infrastructure to properly support the level of load generation and result aggregation in load tests.

Accurate measurements of response times are important in load tests in order to have confidence in results and to compare results between runs. Overloaded test infrastructure can lead to inaccurate response time measurement, or eventual failure of test infrastructure components. This puts test results, test effort, and any resulting actions from these tests at risk. For accurate and reliable results, test infrastructure should maintain resource utilization in a healthy operating range - like any other system under load.

For these reasons, over the last few releases, CloudTest has added various limits and settings to detect resource issues and to gracefully stop a test and capture the results in cases where issues occur. These thresholds are configurable, and designed to preserve your test results and their accuracy.

Running without these thresholds in place is not recommended. If you are encountering these thresholds, it is most likely that your test infrastructure is overloaded. You should investigate these conditions, to make sure your test results are accurate and reliable. Another option besides removing these thresholds is to change them.