Convert the AMF-based Recording to a Test Clip

Once you have a recording for your AMF-based site(s), use the following conversion steps to create a test clip.

How to

  1. Apply filters to the recording, and when ready, click Convert to a Clip. The Create a Test Clip from a Recording Wizard appears.
  2. Enter a clip name and select a clip timing type (use Sequenced if you’re unsure) and then click Next. The Bursts and Think Times page appears.
  3. Choose whether to Insert Think Times (accept the default if you’re unsure) and then click Next.
  4. The Match Targets to Recording Messages page appears. If targets for your HTTP site(s) exist, they will be detected here for a match. If not you can create them in the next step. In either case, click Next.
  5. The Create New Targets page appears.

    Review the New Targets (they should correlate to the site(s) that were recorded). Click Next again. The Create Clip page appears.

  6. In the Next Steps section, choose Go to the Clip Editor in order to inspect messages in the AMF-based test clip.