Encoding in ISSE substitution

In some cases, it may be necessary to use encoding in order to POST items in a test.

There is currently only one parameter type supported, “encoding”. It can only have the following values: “urlencode”, “urldecode” or “base64”. Any number of encoding parameters can be included, and they are executed in order

For single encoding cases where only one form of encoding is required create an ISSE with the base64 encode option shown below:

{%%Custom-Property, encoding=base64: message: Prop 1%%}

In more complicated cases, multiple forms of encoding can be used. For example, some environments may require an XML string to base64 encoded, but also may require the XML string to be URL encoded it before conducting a POST.

Multiple encodings, which are order-dependent, can be applied using the following ISSE syntax:

{%% Custom-Property, encoding=base64, encoding=urlencode : message : Prop 1 %%}