Defining Ramps for a Track or Timed Clip

Ramp down settings are available for all items that use parallel repeats. By far the most common use of parallel repeats is in tracks, which are used to implement virtual users. However, the same feature can be used with parallel repeats at the clip- and message-levels.

Track-level properties in the Composition Editor can be used to specify both the Minutes to Ramp Up (formerly Minutes to Ramp in releases prior to Italia 6179.3) as well as two fields for Minutes to Ramp Down and a corresponding End Interval field.

Track-level ramp settings are found in the General tab when a sequenced test clip is in use, Enable Repeat is checked, and Ramp fields are made active whenever parallel is the repeat type and Renew Parallel Repeats is checked (shown below). If these conditions aren't met, then the relevant fields will appear inactive (shown above).