Defining Virtual Users on Tracks

The repeat count, or virtual users, can be set on the surface of tracks using the Virtual Users icon to toggle an entry field on the track. The Total Virtual Users figure at the top of the column is an estimation.

To define virtual users on a track in a test composition, click the Virtual Users icon and enter the number of Virtual Users for the track.

When track repeats are revised, the same Repeat By value(s) in the Composition Properties for the given track are changed.

Track duplication results in an automatic per-cent distribution of virtual users across those tracks.

The percentage of distribution per track can be manually edited by clicking into the Location Percentage field. When the cursor is in the field, or when the cursor hovers over this field, an informational pop-up appears showing the prior value. A manual edit of a percentage results in the difference being added, or subtracted, from Track 1.