Testing the Played Response for a Property Set

How to

  1. To test an item’s the played response, first select the message in the Clip Editor and double-click to open it in the Message Editor in the lower panel.
  2. Select the item to test in the Property Sets list.The operation section for the given item displays on the right.
  3. Click the Test on Played Response button. The response is returned if the message has been played. If the message has not been played, or if there is no match, then the response field indicates so.
  4. Play the message using the player control at the top of the Message Editor panel, if necessary.When you do so, the Message Editor switches to the results tab and the message response is displayed once it is received.
  5. Once the message has been played, switch back to the Property Set item and click Test on Played Response a second time.

What you should see