Backup the CloudTest Databases

You can create a repository backup using the CloudTest Appliance Administration console (available on CloudTest Lite instances on port 10000). Backup operations create both the repository and results databses that are the backbone of CloudTest. Note that during restore operations you must specify the type of database you're backing up. The backup file names indicate either repository or results database (more details below).

Performing a repository backup is recommended and also straightforward.

How to

  1. Click the CloudTest node on the navigation menu (left).
  2. Click Database.
  3. Click Backup Now to initiate the backup.

What you should see

The command line output is posted in the area immediately below the button.

Two backup files are created in the format: postgresqldump_type_databasetimestamp.gz.

  • The repository file is - postgresqldump_repository_20130224T0207.gz
  • The results file is - postgresqldump_results_20130224T0207.gz