Editing Test Compositions

To open an existing test composition in the Composition Editor, click Central list > Test Compositions. Find the test composition that you want to open and double-click its name in the list.

For long lists, use filtering to locate the test composition. Click the Filter icon on the top right of the Clips list and then apply criteria to narrow the list.

When you do so, the Filtering rows appear at the top of the list. Click the drop-down to select criteria and to select from operators for the given field.

Click the Plus (+) button to add criteria, click the Minus (-) button to remove criteria. Click Apply to filter the list by the criteria.

The Composition Editor appears in a new tab with the given test composition in display.

Additionally, the use of the Repeat Composition button (to play a test composition in a loop until stopped) and Play Options such as Preview mode should be considered.