Setting Delays for a Track

Think times can be set for tracks by the use of random, multiple, and override delays in the Composition Editor. These delay settings will override or adjust delays within all the test clips on the given track.

How to

  1. To set delays, first select the track in the Composition Editor.
  2. Then, right-click and choose Edit Properties.

What you should see

The Composition Editor properties will open in the lower panel with the given track selected in the Property list on the left.

Just as in the Clip Editor, check Override Delay settings to set overrides for all the test clips within the track, and/or check Adjust the individual Delay settings to add duration or to set a maximum duration.

To adjust delays already defined in the track, select Adjust the individual Delay settings and then check one or both of:

  • Adjust duration by:

Enter an additional number of milliseconds to existing delays

  • Maximum duration:
  • Enter a maximum value in milliseconds for existing delays.

For example, to add 10 seconds to all delays, check Adjust duration by: and then enter 10000. To specify a maximum duration for the adjustment (or for the specific values already in the test clip), check Maximum duration and then specify a max value for all delays.