The CloudTest Command-Line Client (also known as "scommand") is a command-line utility that you can download and install on your computer. This utility allows you to perform the following operations from the Operating System command line on Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X systems:

  • Delete, import, or export CloudTest items, such as Test Compositions, Test Clips, Scripts, Targets, and others.
  • Display lists of CloudTest items.
  • Start and stop Test Compositions and Playlists playing.
  • Display the status of various CloudTest services.
  • Start and stop monitors.
  • Upload mobile apps for distrubution to your users.
  • Use SCommand from within various CI tools, including Jenkins/Hudson and Bamboo.

SCommand communicates with the CloudTest services through Web Service calls, thus the appropriate HTTP or HTTPS connection to those services must be available on the machine on which scommand is to be run. No other connections are required.

Tip: To use the scommand built-in help system, enter " scommand help " in Terminal for a complete list of available commands. To see the built-in help for a given command, use the "help" parameter followed by the command name (e.g. " scommand help delete ").