Inter-Repeat Delay with Parallel Repeat Renewal

Since parallel repeating is allowed only for tracks, for clips in a timed band, or for any item inside a timed clip that is not inside a chain or a page, Repeat Type: Parallel is only active for those objects.

When Repeat Type Parallel is applicable, the Renew checkbox is also active. As in prior releases, setting parallel repeat on a track is tallied as a virtual user. For parallel repeat renewal, the gap occurs between the end of each parallel repeat and the (“renewal”) repeat that replaces it.

The length of an inter-repeat delay can be specified either by entering a constant, or by clicking the Property Chooser icon for a given field, and then using the Property Chooser dialog box wither to specify a Custom or Global Property value that will insert the value at runtime.

Select an existing property for the container, clip, or track, or, define a new custom property using the Type and Starting Element drop-downs and entering a property name.

At a constant delay of – A constant number of milliseconds is given at definition time.

From a property – A Custom or Global Property is specified, and the duration of the delay comes from the value of the property at runtime. The value is taken from the property when repeating first starts; it is not re-evaluated for each delay.

At a random delay between x and y (e.g. random length between two constants) – A constant minimum and maximum length is specified at definition time, and each delay will be a random value selected within that range.

Random length between two property values – Custom or Global Properties are specified for the minimum and maximum lengths. Each delay will be a random value selected within the range specified by the property values. The values are taken from the properties when the repeat first starts; they are not re-evaluated for each delay.