Create the HTTP(S) Recording

To get started, use the following steps:

How to

  1. Start your CloudTest Conductor.Note: If a CloudTest Conductor is not installed on the client machine, install one using the link in the lower-left, and then start it before proceeding. See Installing CloudTest Conductor for help.
  2. In the Central list, select HTTP(S) Message Recording and then click New.The Recording Editor, New HTTP(S) Message Recording page appears.
  3. Optionally, enter a recording name other than the default or specify a Save Location.
  4. Select the Conductor you started above from the Available Conductors list.Note: The Conductor Status you select must indicate “connected”.
  5. Specify a Recording Method. Either HTTP(S) Recording or Packet-level Recording.
  6. Launch the browser window from which you will record.
  7. Click the Record button.