How do I parse an HTML response for validation or to extract a value?

Step 1

Insert a Script following the Message whose response you wish to validate.

Step 2

Ensure that the Script doesn't play until the Message has completed.

If you are using a Sequenced Test Clip, this will always be the case and there is nothing special to do.

If you are using a Timed Test Clip, then you must either put the Message and the Script together into a Chain or put a Checkpoint between the Message and the Script. You could also insert a Delay between the Message and Script that you know will always be long enough, but this may not be consistently reliable if the response times to your Message vary.

Step 3

Your script should look something like the following:

// This Script looks at the response to the Message that // precedes it (it assumes that a Message precedes it), // and verifies that the HTML response to the Message // has a title of "Page 1".If it does not, it aborts // play of the current Test Composition. // Get the Message that immediately precedes this // Script. var msg = $context.currentItem.previousItem; // Extract the title from the HTML response. Note that // the Xpath processor for HTML requires that the // XPath be in all uppercase, and the search is not // case sensitive. var pageTitle = msg.getResponse(msg.RESPONSE_HTTP_BODY_AS_HTML, "//HTML/HEAD/TITLE"); // Was the title found in the HTML, and if so is it the // expected value? if (pageTitle == null) { // No title tag was found in the HTML. // Abort the Test Composition with an error. $context.composition.abort("Response for " + + ": HTML page has no title."); } else if (pageTitle != "Page 1") { // The title is not what we are expecting. // Abort the Test Composition with an error. // Include the actual page title in the "details" // of the error. $context.composition.abort("Response for " + + ": HTML page title does not match.", pageTitle); } else { // The title is what we're expecting. // Put an informational message into the Result. $context.result.postMessage($context.result.LEVEL_INFO, "Response for " + + " passed validation."); }

Note that your Script could also put the extracted value into a property, insert it into another message, or do anything with that value that a Script can do.

Here is an example of the Script following the Message in a Chain: