Restore from a Backup

You can restore from an existing backup using the CloudTest Appliance Administration console (available on CloudTest Lite instances on port 10000).

How to

  1. Choose to restore from either:
    • File on server
    The CloudTest node's Database tab supports important repository management tasks, including backing up the system. Users with equity in their CloudTest data are urged to backup on a regular basis (as would be done with any database with vital information).

    • Uploaded file (a backup from another file system)

    • Browse to select the file, noting whether it's a repository or result file, and has the date/time desired.

  2. Click OK to exit the Choose File box.
  3. Depending on the type file you chose, select restore to:
    • Repository – Choose this option to restore the repository from backup.
    • Results – Choose this option to restore only the repository results from backup.
  4. Click Restore to complete the restore from backup.