A monitor defines which resources to monitor of those offered by a given Monitoring Server Group. You can think of a monitor as an instance of the statistics available for a given Monitor Server Group. A monitor can use all or a portion of the data offered by its Monitoring Server Group. CloudTest uses the monitor to provide analytic charts for your tests.

During monitor creation or editing, look closely at the resources that you want to monitor for the Monitoring Server Group against which your Monitor will run.

Once your monitor is configured, you can set monitoring properties in one or more test compositions that use that monitor. For example, in the Composition Editor sub-pane > Properties > Monitoring tab (as shown on the right).

The results of the Test Composition-related monitoring of server CPU use are shown below in the Analytics Dashboard.

You can view a more detailed series of charts for the specific monitor by choosing Central > Monitors, selected your monitor in the list and then clicking View Analytics.

The Monitor Container Dashboard appears showing additional charts for the monitor. Keep in mind that the monitor analytics are expressly tied to one or more Test Compositions. If you don’t see your data charted, check that the test is linked to the monitor you opened and that the test has been played.