CloudTest Components

  • CloudTest Components - a dynamic web application that combines a Web Browser UI with distributed web services to support test creation, test grid deployment, test execution and real-time performance analytics. CloudTest Components include CloudTest Builder, CloudTest Main, CloudTest Load Server, CloudTest Results Server, CloudTest Database Server, and CloudTest Conductor. CloudTest Components also include the TouchTest Device Agent and the TouchTest Server for use on one Device.
    • CloudTest Analytics Dashboard - a display, which works in conjunction with the CloudTest Results Server to display interactive, real-time streaming analytic dashboards. The CloudTest Analytics Dashboard correlates multiple data streams from a distributed load test into a single test result synchronized and displayed on a synchronized timeline.
    • CloudTest Builder - a web application that can be accessed from the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 and later, Firefox 3.0 and later, Safari 4.0 and later and Chrome. CloudTest Builder includes the visual editors used to build performance, load, functional and Web UI tests for a modern web application.
    • CloudTest Conductor - an installable multi-purpose software agent. It can be used to records http(s) message and/or browser actions for test creation, launch browser instances and plays UI/Ajax/Flex tests on client machines and monitor and collect performance metrics from CloudTest components and from the customer's infrastructure for inclusion in the analytics.
    • CloudTest Database Server - a persistent data store for Repository’s metadata and the Results Server’s data. Additional Database Servers may be deployed by Customer in the Cloud in order to optimize performance and bandwidth use.
    • CloudTest Load Server- a test engine that executes all or parts of a complex test composition. Multiple Load Servers can be deployed using the CloudTest Grid Wizard to each execute parts of a load test that can scale out virtual users (actual scale is dependent on available servers). Load Servers can be geographically distributed across multiple cloud services, if available, and single test compositions can run geographically.
    • CloudTest Main - a physical or virtual software appliance that contains the CloudTest Web Application, the CloudTest Repository, CloudTest Results Server and CloudTest Database Server. The CloudTest Repository stores and retrieves CloudTest Objects such as Test Compositions, Test Clips, Users, Targets, Scenario Recordings, and Cloud Account Credentials. The CloudTest Web Application includes CloudTest Builder, CloudTest Grid Wizard and CloudTest Analytics Dashboard.
    • CloudTest Grid Wizard - a fully automated capability to define, provision, detect and correct cloud vendor errors, health check and create cross-cloud vendor test server grids. Test Servers may come from public and private clouds and from manually provisioned test servers.
    • CloudTest Results Server - an in-memory, real-time analytic service (with persistence to disk) purpose-built to handle very large result sets and analytics from complex distributed load tests. A Results Server is included with CloudTest Main. Additional Results Servers are deployed by CloudTest Grid Wizard to work in concert with the Load Servers to analyze the real time streams of data as the test runs