Import Options

Parameter Description
username=USERNAME CloudTest user name
password=PASSWORD CloudTest password
url=URL CloudTest URL to connect
httpproxyhost=SERVER HTTP proxy server name (optional)
httpproxyport=PORT HTTP proxy port (optional)
file=FILE The name or complete path of the file to import.
verbose=[yes|no] Specifies whether to display detail information about the import.
mode=MODE The conflict resolution mode to use (i.e. 'error', 'skip', 'overwrite' or 'rename')
mobileappname=NAME The name of Mobile App Object if an App Binary is being imported (e.g. expressed as a path to the file to upload).

For example, to Import the file "myobjects.xml", skipping any objects that are already in the Repository:

scommand cmd=import file=myobjects.xml mode=skip username=bob \ password=secret url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto

Note: You can also add your mobile app to its corresponding repository object via the scommand utility using the mobileappname parameter:

cmd=import file="/Users/username/Desktop/apps/ios/stockfish/Stockfish.ipa" username=bob password=secret url= http:// <CloudTest URL>/concerto mobileappname="Test App 2"