CloudTest Jenkins Plugin

The CloudTest Jenkins Plugin allows you to easily run the MakeAppTouchTestable utility on an iOS or Android project, silently install an iOS app on a connected device, play CloudTest compositions (and include the output in the build's test results.) Additionally, launch and tear down grids, results databases, and test environments.

Below, you will find details on:

  • Installling the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin
  • Configuring the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin
  • Deploying Environments using the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin
  • Playing a Composition
  • Starting and Tearing Down a Test Environment
  • Starting and Tearing Down a Grid
  • Starting and Tearing Down a Results Database (RSDB)
Tip: It's important to start a Test Environment BEFORE starting a Grid or RSDB. Equally important is to tear down a Grid or RSDB BEFORE tearing down a Test Environment.

For more information on plugin updates and versions, please visit the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin wiki article.