Highlight Applied Session Templates

Aapplied session templates can be highlighted in both Clip Editor Icon and List views by using the Highlight button in the Properties > Applied Session Templates and Packages node.

Once Applied Session Templates & Packages is selected, select the package (if there is more than one) in the Name list. The Summary pane (far right) indicates by color those messages extracted from (green) and those messages values were applied to (yellow).

Click the Highlight button to view the messages in the workspace.

  • A highlighted green message indicates the message from which one or more session template values was extracted

CloudTest attempts to display as many highlighted messages in the workspace as possible.

  • A highlighted yellow message indicates one or more applied session template values were substituted in it.

In Icon view, the highlighted values surround the large icon(s). While in List view, the highlighted values surround the message name(s).

Additional color-coded detail is provided in the Clip Editor > Properties tab > Applied Session Templates & Packages node by selecting the template by name and inspecting its values on the far right.

As with highlighting in the Clip Editor workspace above, the Summary pane shows the source for values as green, while the applied values are yellow.