List View Mode

You can toggle from Icon view to List view to see a more detailed and compact view of a test clip, click the List/Icon toggle button on the Clip Editor toolbar and then select List to switch into list mode.

Once in List view, clip elements and the test clip itself behave as in the Icon view but with greater ability to view and edit clip element properties in one tabular format.

The Clip Editor, List View will show some additional details for browser or app actions by presenting them in an expanded view with inline, easy-to-view display (note that the Info Window gear icon now appears only in Icon view if you are viewing actions).

List view displays the components of an action inline whenever the given action is expanded, and provides easy access to its components, including its waits, outputs, validations, and property sets. Use the Info Window or lower panel of the Clip Editor to modify message clips.

For an expanded action, a mouse over will display the Add toolbar at the top of the section defined by its bounding box. Users can edit an expanded action in List View by expanding it and clicking into its fields.