Include/Exclude Resources by Expression

Use the Resources to Include or Exclude checkbox on the right of the tab to define resource includes and excludes via regular expression or glob. Both Regex and Glob can be set to include or exclude by the criteria defined. These excludes and includes will apply to both statically retrieved and dynamically retrieved resources, so they can be used as a quick filtering mechanism.

How to

  1. Check the Resources to Include or Exclude box on the right of the Resource Settings tab to define includes and excludes via regular expression or glob.
  2. Click Apply list to: and select from among Dynamic Resources Only, Static Resources Only, or All Resources.
  3. In the text entry field at the bottom enter the expression to use.
  4. Choose Regex or Glob.Define an expression to include or exclude a given resource.For example:
    • The Regex expression to match any string containing “widget.js” would be:
    • The Glob expression to do the same thing would be:
    *widget.js* Note: In CloudTest, when you are entering a Regular Expression for a Session Template, to include/exclude resources in a page, or for a PropSet in the Message Editor portion of the Clip Editor, you are entering a Java regular expression. Whereas, when you use regular expressions within a script (via the RegExp object or the /pattern/ notation), you are using a JavaScript regular expression. The two are not interchangeable, so you can’t copy expressions from one to the other. See Regular Expression Support in CloudTest for more information.
  5. Select to Include or Exclude matching resources.
  6. Click Add once an expression has been entered. Define additional expressions if desired.

What you should see

The list can be ordered using the up or down arrows on the top right.

The Page Resource Settings node in the Clip Editor contains three main override setting types, each of which delivers comprehensive override control of the pages in a given test clip. The Page Resource Settings tab appears in the Composition Editor

  • Page Resource Loading (formerly Page Resources) settings at the clip level to honor, enable, or disable pages in a test clip.
  • Cache Dynamic Resource settings at the clip level to enable or disable caching. Caching starts at the clip level, so there are no page cache settings to override.
  • Page Resource Filtering (Include/Exclude Expressions) at the clip level to add to or replace include/exclude filtering performed in pages (e.g. for all page(s) in the clip).