Available Commands

Command Description
delete Deletes a Repository object.
drain Sets the CloudTest services to "drain" mode.
export Exports a Repository object to XML format.
help Displays scommand help. Type 'scommand help <subcommand>' for help on a specific subcommand.
import Imports Repository objects from a file (or list of files).
list Displays a list of Repository objects.
play Plays a composition or playlist.
start Starts a monitor.
status Displays the current status of the CloudTest services.
stop Stops a composition, playlist, or monitor.
start-grid Start the grid.
terminate-grid Terminates the grid.
start-rsdb Stars results database.
terminate-rsdb Terminate results database.
start-env Starts the test environment.
terminate-env Terminates the test environment.
Note: Click here for information on the CloudTest Jenkins Plugin.