Create a New Volume

How to

  1. New volumes can be created by selecting Central > Volumes and then clicking the New icon.When you do so, the Volumes and Snapshots wizard appears with the New Volume and/or Snapshot step displayed.
  2. Specify the Cloud Provider Account on which to create the new volume.
  3. Accept the default Create a new volume and then click the right green arrow.The Create a New Volume step appears.
  4. Give the new volume a name.
  5. Optionally, specify a Library location for the volume by entering a path or clicking Browse.
  6. Select a region. The regions displayed will correspond to the Cloud Provider Account (CPA) options available (e.g. EC2 and IBM CPAs will present different regions). To choose a different Cloud Provider Account click the left green arrow to return to the prior step.
  7. For Amazon EC2 CPAs, also select a zone. This field appears inactive for other CPAs.
  8. Specify a volume size in Gigabytes.
  9. Click Create to finalize the volume or Cancel to abandon your changes.